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Kindergarten – Joan Miro

Students looked at artwork by artist Joan Miro. We discussed the lines in her artwork and how each of her bold lines and shapes were created by lines we know and use in class (straight, bumpy, zig zag, dashed, dotted, etc). We also talked about the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and shapes that we saw and could recreate (squares, rectangles, and triangles). I showed the students how easily they could create those simple shapes from a square.

Here is some of the artwork we looked at:

miro3 the-nightingale-s-song-at-midnight-and-the-morning-rain untitled

And here is what the students came up with:

2 - K Joan Miro (4) 2 - K Joan Miro 2 - K Joan Miro (2) 2 - K Joan Miro (3)


Kindergarten – Mouse Paint

I read the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh where students discover the primary colors mix together to make secondary colors.


Students mixed the primary colors with their paint brushes to get the secondary colors. They used texture rubbing plates to get texture for the mouse “hair” and then glued the mice on.

2 - K - Mouse Paint (4) 2 - K - Mouse Paint (3)2 - K - Mouse Paint (2) 2 - K - Mouse Paint